the wind

You didn’t get blown away mummy
like grandad’s hat
tumbling in the storm
down the road

Not this time love.
But I hope you do someday
someday, you fly off
at the will of the wind


Inspired by: a very windy walk to nursery with toddler



Come lay next to me little one
in this warm bed
Snuggle a bit closer
so our hearts touch.

Let their rhythm combine
into each others lullaby.


Inspired by:  baby in the big bed

a wish

If I could grant a wish
It would be for you to know
the enormity of who you are.

You are everything.
The sun, the moon, the stars
everything that has been
and everything yet to come.

The love that lasts a life time
that no words can destroy
that the years cannot weaken
that miles shall not diminish.


Inspired by:  new baby love 

go away morning

Go away morning.
Let me lay here a
Moment longer
Surrounded by the warmth
that loves brings.

Go away morning.
I’m happy
In the relative stillness
of our family bed.

Those gentle, and not so gentle
Snores filling the air.
Four hearts beating their tunes
so close together.

Go away morning.
Let me hold on to this
just a moment longer.


Inspired by: a bed full of bodies