Welcome to my blog, these pages share words and poems about being a mummy and family life. These words came tumbling out – after not much sleep. 

Being a parent, especially a new parent, can be tough, frustrating and exhausting at times. But my words aim to remind of the wonder of it. The wonder of you and of them. And the love that makes it possible. 

They record the high points of a serene sleeping baby, a happy active toddler, coffee with friends as well as the not so glamorous worn out moments – when even staring into space seems like hard work. They record the changing challenges and relationships from expecting through to growing children. 

Please do subscribe. New words, when published, will be sent to you by email, this is usually once a week. I hope they are uplifting. Do email me …. I’d love to hear your comments, favourite verse or suggestions. 

I hope you enjoy, and take a moment to connect, be content, and maybe share with a knowing friend. 

Thanks for visiting. 

Marcelle Newbold
Mum to a toddler boy and a baby girl



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