I’m feeling a bit disheveled again
as I slop onto the bright white sofa.
Cushions arranged
Table polished
And bite size treats baked. 

Effortless calm
around me
friends from long ago
still connected by years
of tapestry. 

Maybe I should
have brushed, chosen
and cleaned myself
a bit more carefully. 

Surrendered love
around me.
Not for show
Not everyday
Not just the good parts.
But come as you are
nice to see
and sew another stitch.  

Inspired by AE and a catch up


the wind

You didn’t get blown away mummy
like grandad’s hat
tumbling in the storm
down the road

Not this time love.
But I hope you do someday
someday, you fly off
at the will of the wind


Inspired by: a very windy walk to nursery with toddler

go away morning

Go away morning.
Let me lay here a
Moment longer
Surrounded by the warmth
that loves brings.

Go away morning.
I’m happy
In the relative stillness
of our family bed.

Those gentle, and not so gentle
Snores filling the air.
Four hearts beating their tunes
so close together.

Go away morning.
Let me hold on to this
just a moment longer.


Inspired by: a bed full of bodies