what do you dream 

What do you dream of little one?

A smile, enlightens your face
for the most beautiful of sunsets.
A scowl, flickers across
for a hurt received.
A quickened heart beat
for the thrill of the chase.
A frown, questions
the flight of a bee.
An upturned lip,
for the joy of fragrant flowers.
A serene stillness
from the peace that love brings.

A thousand years of memories
that have yet to be seen.


Inspired by: sleeping baby


the wind

You didn’t get blown away mummy
like grandad’s hat
tumbling in the storm
down the road

Not this time love.
But I hope you do someday
someday, you fly off
at the will of the wind


Inspired by: a very windy walk to nursery with toddler

a wish

If I could grant a wish
It would be for you to know
the enormity of who you are.

You are everything.
The sun, the moon, the stars
everything that has been
and everything yet to come.

The love that lasts a life time
that no words can destroy
that the years cannot weaken
that miles shall not diminish.


Inspired by:  new baby love