sleep training 

Oh crikey
That smile
by moonlight.
The most wondrous
sight ever seen
I know I’m not meant
to notice
to acknowledge
to respond.
As it should be
back to bed

But it’s irresistible
In the moonlight.
As my face
spontaneously replies
and I whisper
not now my darling
hoping no one has seen.

Inspired by : another long night


i see you

You look tired dear friend
right to your core.
Not fleeting
like those late nights dancing
or early morning trains.
But completely
and utterly.

It’s the love isn’t it.
The love you give,
give and give.
All day and all night.
Pouring out.

Inspired by : coffee and a chat 

what do you dream 

What do you dream of little one?

A smile, enlightens your face
for the most beautiful of sunsets.
A scowl, flickers across
for a hurt received.
A quickened heart beat
for the thrill of the chase.
A frown, questions
the flight of a bee.
An upturned lip,
for the joy of fragrant flowers.
A serene stillness
from the peace that love brings.

A thousand years of memories
that have yet to be seen.


Inspired by: sleeping baby