i see you

You look tired dear friend
right to your core.
Not fleeting
like those late nights dancing
or early morning trains.
But completely
and utterly.

It’s the love isn’t it.
The love you give,
give and give.
All day and all night.
Pouring out.

Inspired by : coffee and a chat 



Sometimes I feel like
You are the teacher
And I have
so much to learn

That you are wise
beyond your three years.
Throwing yourself
into each moment


Inspired by: watching my son enjoy playing

this time it’s complicated 

This time it’s complicated my love.
With the boy, I looked into his perfect face for hours,
intoxicated by his beauty.
Just me and him, my heart pouring out love.

With you it’s different.
My love still flows, endlessly
You are perfect, a smile of innocent beauty.
A gift to which I feel underserving.

But, I am wracked with guilt,
As an adulterer,
As I steal a heartfelt gaze
As your toddler brother watches on
Wondering what it all means.
Searching for reassurance.


Inspired by: the confusion of new baby arrival 

everyone is asleep, except me

Everyone is asleep, except me,
our newborn daughter upon my chest,
comforted by the rhythm of my heart
she knows so well.

Our toddler son, in his big boy bed
still cocooned in your arms
as you raced each other to the land of nod
through story time.

Your snores I can hear,
through the monitor.

Everyone is asleep, except me
And I’m grateful.


Inspired by: the first few nights as a mum of two